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McKeon Fire Doors & Smoke Doors With Egress

vertical coiling fire door

Vertical Coiling Fire Doors

The T2000 Series Fire Door Systems are ideal for openings in fire walls that are in excess of 8′ wide x 10′ high when emergency egress and fire protection is an issue.


Vertical Acting Fire Doors

The automatic resetting Safescape® T5000 Series Fire Door Systems, with built-in emergency egress are vertical acting, coiling fire doors and are available with multiple swinging type egress doors.

side coiling fire door

Side Coiling Fire Doors

The S9000 Series Fire Door Systems eliminate the need for conventional type construction which utilizes unsightly permanent door frames and swinging doors.

side acting fire door

Side Acting Fire Doors

The S7000 Series Side Acting Fire Door Systems are available in both manual and motor operated versions and they are available with and without emergency egress doors.

accordian fire door

Accordian Fire Doors

The AC8000 Series Fire Door Systems are ideal solutions for fire protection in area separation walls, occupancy separations, elevator lobby and corridor separations.

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