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About McKeon Door

  • McKeon Door – Founded 1946
  • McKeon is a full Manufacturer of:
    • Overhead and Side Activated Coiling Grills
    • Doors
    • Fire Door Systems
    • Custom Engineered Closures
  • Options and Product Performance for Architects, Design and Specifying Professionals
  • Special Purpose Fire Rated Door Systems
  • Horizontal Fire Shutters – protect openings between floors
  • Vertical and Side Acting Fire Door Systems – provide fire curtain and smoke curtain protection, while allowing access
  • McKeon’s Special Applications Engineering Department – available through Specified Building Products Corporation

  • Provide Valuable Assistance in these areas:
    • Design
    • Applications
    • Restrictions
    • Requirements of Coiling Door, Specialty Door and Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain planning
  • Pinpoint Your Needs Before Problems Arise
  • Full Detailed Product Application Drawings and Technical Requirements based on project requirements


McKeon Smoke & Fire Doors

Fire Doors & Smoke Doors With Egress

These fire rated doors and smoke rated doors include emergency egress and come in a number
of variations, from vertical coiling to accordion doors.

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McKeon Door - Fire Door and Smoke Door without Egress

Fire Doors & Smoke Doors Without Egress

We have a wide variety of fire rated doors and smoke rated doors that do not have built in emergency
egress. Systems include indoor and outdoor use, as well as vertical and horizontal coiling.

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McKeon Door - Rolling Steel Door

Non-Fire Rated Service Doors and Grilles

These doors are built to accommodate indoor and outdoor openings both large and small.
Ideal for all your non-fire security needs.

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Retrofit for Rolling Fire Doors

McKeon Door - Retrofit for Rolling Fire DoorsMcKeon has UL Classification and FM Approval to retrofit most existing rolling fire doors, regardless of the original manufacturer, with the Auto-Set® Fire Door Operator.

This option provides the owner with an economical and reliable solution to the conventional fire door problem.

As far back as 1994, McKeon Door obtained U.L. Classification to retrofit most existing steel fire doors with the Auto-Set® Fire Door Operator. The retrofit procedure allows building owners to install the Auto-Set® fire door operator onto existing fire doors – regardless of the original manufacturer!


FireFighter™ Series: “The First Responder”

McKeon Door Company Introduces The Most Technologically Advanced
Deployable Fire Curtain & Smoke Curtain On The Market.

• Unlimited Widths • 3-hour Fire Rating • Smoke & Draft Rated • Egress
With Unprecedented Performance, The FireFighterTM Series Of Fire Curtain And Smoke Curtain
Assemblies Goes Beyond Where Others Leave Off.

How the FireFighter™ Smoke Curtain & Fire Curtain Works

FireFighterTM fire rated curtains and smoke rated curtains are made of technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric. The assembly is concealed in a compact overhead steel housing and is virtually invisible when in the retracted position. Operated by a remotely located control station and fully synchronized with the building fire and life safety system, the FireFighterTM truly is the “First Responder”. FireFighterTM utilizes McKeon’s patented Fail-Safe design and self-closing Auto-Set® system. Upon activation, the assembly gravity drops into place and is automatically reset once the emergency condition has been cleared. To span unlimited widths, single curtains can be arranged in an overlapping design.

Image of Fire Curtain and Smoke Curtain housing

United States Test Standards Compliant

McKeon Door burn test imageMcKeon Door Company has successfully tested and complied with the International Building Code driven and U.L. enforced opening protective standards. The entire FireFighterTM Series product line has been successfully tested to UL10B, UL10D and UL1784. Ultimate fire and smoke safety characterizes the FireFighterTM as the “first responder”.

Fire & Smoke Curtains – Learn More Here


McKeon Door Authorized Distributor

Specified Building Products Corporation is the Authorized New England Distributor for McKeon Door in:

Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Hampshire Maine Vermont Upstate New York



Montclair Hospital

Doors on automatic operators with motorized latch retraction and full armor plates. Doors installed in high traffic, high abuse location with Armor Edge and full edge guard continuous hinges. The doors are a little industrial looking, but it shows what can be done in a location that gets high traffic.


Elevator lobby of commercial office tower. Doors held open on magnets with Surfacequest finish and exit bar finished to match doors.

Integrated Doors

Started by a team of dedicated industry specialists with decades of combined experience in hollow metal integrated doors, Syntégra has capitalized on expert knowledge of the current commercial door market and developed a superior company with a superior product. The name says it all. It’s the combination of “Synthesize”, “Integrate” and “Integrity”. This philosophical foundation of the company promotes intelligence, innovation, strong support systems and an unwavering commitment to customer service. The Syntégra difference is evident from the minute you examine our product, and it doesn’t stop there. An emphasis on excellence is obvious in every aspect of the business – we provide the best, because you deserve the best.

The Syntégra door is a fully-integrated door system wherein all working hardware is preassembled into a completely functional, single working unit. Our unique, patent pending design – The Syntégra Edge™ is both a technological advancement and a business philosophy which allows us to deliver a complete door assembly to your project that is fully functional, field adjustable and ready to hang. We have coupled the integration of superior design, extraordinary engineering, quality craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service with remarkable field service and support. Everyone benefits from Syntégra.