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 Integrated Doors

Started by a team of dedicated industry specialists with decades of combined experience in hollow metal integrated doors, Syntégra has capitalized on expert knowledge of the current commercial door market and developed a superior company with a superior product. The name says it all. It’s the combination of “Synthesize”, “Integrate” and “Integrity”. This philosophical foundation of the company promotes intelligence, innovation, strong support systems and an unwavering commitment to customer service. The Syntégra difference is evident from the minute you examine our product, and it doesn’t stop there. An emphasis on excellence is obvious in every aspect of the business – we provide the best, because you deserve the best.

The Syntégra door is a fully-integrated door system wherein all working hardware is preassembled into a completely functional, single working unit. Our unique, patent pending design – The Syntégra Edge™ is both a technological advancement and a business philosophy which allows us to deliver a complete door assembly to your project that is fully functional, field adjustable and ready to hang. We have coupled the integration of superior design, extraordinary engineering, quality craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service with remarkable field service and support. Everyone benefits from Syntégra.


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Tilt-Up Door Collection

Tilt-Up Doors work well for commercial and residential properties requiring a high-quality folding or tilt door system that lifts vertically to bring the outdoors in! Maximizing ventilation, using quality stainless steel components and aluminum powder coating available to match existing doors and windows, these doors are ideal for a multitude of applications.

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Garage Headquarters Overhead Door image

Garage Headquarters

Garage Headquarters employs more local certified technicians than any other company in New England. We provide faster, more professional installations that are performed right the first time than anyone in the Northeast.

We offer a wide collection of coiling doors that can meet the needs of any commercial and industrial application:

  • Overhead Doors
  • Commercial Garage Doors
  • Loading Dock Doors
  • Industrial Doors
  • Rolling Steel Doors

These rugged, coiling doors are designed for years of dependable, secure operation and are up to the challenge of your loading dock or garage location.

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Glazed Folding Door SF 75H

Falt-Schiebe-System-SF-75H-Referenz-01As close to nature as possible – the SF 75 H folding glass wall is constructed from triple laminated wood and offers a seamless transition from inside to outside. You can experience the natural beauty of the wood and enjoy the cozy atmosphere created by the highly insulating system. The quality of the system is guaranteed – sit back and enjoy! As a naturally re-growing raw material, wood combines ideal ecological and economical aspects and makes sustainable building a possibility.

The folding-sliding system creates a secure seal around a heated living area and has extremely good insulating properties. In addition, the wooden folding wall is extremely sturdy and therefore offers considerable advantages when it comes to construction. A further plus point of the folding system is the huge variety of colors and types of wood in which it is available. Thanks to this extensive range, the system can be adapted to create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

The connected wings of the folding glass wall make it particularly easy to open and close. The sliding glass elements can be pushed inside or outside, all to one side or to different sides – as you wish. Each section has a total depth of 75 mm. This also includes any fittings, all of which are concealed in the profiles. The guide rail and runners are flush mounted in the folding – sliding system.

Whether part of an elegant business entrance, an entry to your garden or a side wall for your conservatory, the SF 75 H folding glass wall will win you over with its versatility and the cozy atmosphere that it creates. And so that you can feel as secure as you do cozy in your workplace, the folding glass system not only comes with an integrated locking system in the floor and ceiling runners of each glass section but is also fitted with flat handles with integrated locking mechanisms. In order to prevent unauthorized entry the turning sections can also be secured using a profile cylinder lock and all joints are strengthened to the removal of hinges. The SF 75 H folding glass wall is the most secure all-round system offered by SUNFLEX – choose quality and durability for your project.


Glazed Folding Door SF 55

Falt-Schiebe-System-SF-55-Referenz-06Discover freedom whilst also enjoying a sense of security – the SF 55 folding glass wall reflects your attitude towards life on a wholly new level. The insulating aluminum system provides a secure seal around a heated living space whilst also creating a seamless transition to the outside.

The SF 55 folding glass wall creates a pleasant, calming open atmosphere and brings light into your living and workspace. Even when they’re closing the large glass sections allow light to flood into your living area creating an inviting atmosphere and giving you a sense of well-being. Enjoy a sense of freedom in your workplace– choose the SF 55 folding glass wall and make the diverse possibilities it can offer you.

The top-quality aluminum system is available in five standard colors as well as in any particular color of your choice. In addition, the folding SF 55c glass wall is a special variant, which is available with interior cladding made from genuine wood. The made-to-measure, vertical construction of the folding glass doors means that the entirety of the glass panels can be easily and flexibly opened and closed. You can slide the doors, as you wish, inside or outside and to the right or left. The design of the folding glass wall can therefore be fully adapted to suit your surroundings.

The floor runners of the folding glass wall can be either fitted onto, or sunken into the floor. The latter option removes any boundaries between your living space and nature and means that you can achieve harmony between your workplace and nature. The system is equipped with concealed, anti-intrusion fittings, which offer you the best possible levels of security – something you’ll really notice.


Horizontal Sliding Wall SF 40 H-S-W

Horizontal-Schiebe-Wand-System-SF-40HSW-Referenz-10Functionality in its most beautiful form – the SF 40 H-S-W horizontal sliding wall from SUNFLEX makes it possible to simply and conveniently open and close large front facades or wide shop entrances. The top-quality sliding glass wall allows an unrestricted view of the room and offers a smooth transition from inside to out.

The un-insulated all-glass system is fully operational without the need for sections to be supported by vertical frames – so nothing gets in the way of the view! The large glass windows of the sliding glass wall are not connected to each other which means not only that operation of the system is reliable but also that the system is low maintenance. The sliding elements can be opened individually, inwards, outwards or in the center and can be pushed to one or both sides. To save space the folding glass wall can be pushed together and compacted in one position. Tucked away in a corner, the glass elements don’t create an obstruction or block the way.

The generous opening of the SF 40 H-S-W horizontal sliding wall offers optimum transparency and creates an inviting, bright atmosphere in any room. The flexible opening of the sliding glass window offers maximum convenience in a huge variety of environments. The sliding glass walls are particularly suited for use in business entrances but can also be used as room dividers and separating walls or as top-quality terrace glazing.

The all-glass system is suspension-mounted meaning that the system does not require either floor runners or floor-mounted structural fittings. The individual sliding elements can be securely locked using a floor bolt. An entrance section with a handle-operated multipoint lock system and an additional lock can also be integrated into the system. The horizontal sliding wall therefore makes for a convenient, barrier-free shop entrance.


Slide and Turn System SF 25

Schiebe-Dreh-System-SF-25-Referenz-19Practical transparency combined with reserved elegance – the SF 25 all-glass slide and turn system combines perfect aesthetics with optimal functionality. The all-glass system is fully operational without the need for any vertical frames allowing for an unobstructed view to the outside. Even when the sections are closed you can enjoy an unrestricted view across your garden and beyond.

The individual sliding glass sections of the un-insulated slide and turn system are not connected to each other and the entirety of each glass panel can be easily and conveniently opened. The sliding glass sections can be folded inside or outside, all to one side or to different sides – as you wish. When open, the folding glass door can be simply pushed to one side so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Enjoy the new relaxed atmosphere of your workplace – sit back and enjoy the view! The SF 25 slide and turn system offers a hassle-free transition from inside to out. Experience a sense of freedom as the stylish; folding glass wall invites light into your living space. At the same time, the folding windows provide protection from wind and rain for a relaxed outdoor experience no matter the weather.

The slide and turn systems are suitable for use in numerous private and business environments: as glazing for your balcony, glazing for your terrace or conservatory, as transparent room dividers or for business entrances. The SF 25 slide and turn system brings unlimited comfort to your workplace and offers maximum flexibility. The fittings are concealed in the profile of the sections and are low-maintenance, rustproof and are secured against accidental operation. The slide and turn system can be mounted on runners on the floor or alternatively, runners can be sunken into the floor. The latter option provides a barrier-free and secure living environment for the future.


Sliding System SF 20

Schiebe-System-SF-20-Referenz-12Experience a whole new sense of well-being Discovers what was before unthinkable with the SF 20 sliding door system from SUNFLEX. Simply and easily expand your individual living space and increase the amount of free space. The un-insulated sliding glass system creates light and space in a huge variety of environments. Whether used as glazing for your balcony, glazing for your terrace or for your new conservatory, as a transparent room divider or for a business entrance – the SF 20 sliding door system won’t fail to impress you with its flexibility, the sense of openness which it creates and the protection it provides from wind and rain.

The individual sliding doors of the sliding door system can be pushed horizontally, either both doors to one side, or one door to either side. Opening or closing the first sliding section means that the other section will also be simultaneously opened or closed by an integrated tappet. This makes operating the doors simple and convenient.

The large, transparent sections of the all-glass system make your rooms seem significantly larger and even when the doors are closed, light will flood into your living space and create an atmosphere of well being. Thanks to the floor-mounted construction you can enjoy a new sense of freedom; the doors can be opened particularly widely without the need for extra roof supports. The height of the ceiling runners can be adjusted by up to 20 mm and the rollers by up to 5 mm, this means that the sliding system can be easily adapted to take low eaves or reductions in ceiling height into account; system montage is quick and simple

Ball bearing-mounted runners ensure optimum, smooth-running movement of the sliding sections. The sliding system can bet fitted with floor – mounted or with sunken floor runners –the choice is yours! The sunken floor runners create a barrier-free living space. The final touch is added to the sliding system by the low-maintenance, rust-proof fittings which are concealed in the profiles of the sliding sections and which are secured against accidental operation of the SF 20 sliding door system – make the most of the diverse possibilities, which this system offers, and the free space, which it creates in your workplace.



All-Glass Sliding System

  • SF 20: All-Glass-Multi-track Sliding System

Slide and Turn Systems

  • SF 25: Non-insulated all-glass-system
  • SF 30: Non-insulated aluminum system with tempered safety glass
  • SF 35: Non-insulated aluminum system with double glazing

Fold and Slide Systems

  • Non Insulated aluminum systems
    • SF 50
    • SF 50c
  • Insulated aluminum systems
    • SF55
    • SF55C
  • Highly insulated aluminum systems
    • SF 75 SF 75C
  • Highly insulated Wood System
    • SF 75H

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems

  • Non insulated all-glass system
    • SF 40 H-S-W
  • Non insulated aluminum system
    • SF 50 H-S-W
    • SF 50c H-S-W
  • Insulated aluminum system
    • SF 55 H-S-W
    • SF 55c H-S-W
  • Thermally insulated timber system
    • SF 75H H-S-W