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Ruskin Louvers, Sun Shades & Equipment Screening

50+ Years of Innovation

The Ruskin Company celebrates over 50 years of leadership, innovation and commitment to quality. Independent laboratory testing and installations around the world demonstrate the integrity of Ruskin All-Welded Assembly techniques in the most severe natural and man-made environments.

Ruskin continually strives to incorporate new technology in the development of new products in response to global demand.
Because The Ruskin Company products have withstood the rigors of installations around the world, you can specify Ruskin with confidence today...and tomorrow.

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Ruskin Louvers

Comparisons of the key louver performance indicator, air volume delivered at the Beginning Point of Water Penetration, distinctly separate Ruskin from other louver manufacturers. Ruskin is the preferred choice among architects and engineers worldwide.

Ruskin has been the leading manufacturer of louvers for over 50 years. Ruskin louvers are designed to provide superior performance and pleasing appearance. They are designed to your specifications, are backed by our experienced engineers and professional staff, and reflect Ruskin's commitment to high quality product standards.

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Ruskin Sun Control Systems: Sun Screens and Sun Shades

Ruskin Sun Control Systems are a valuable component in a building’s design.  They can substantially reduce the cooling energy requirements of the interior and provide distinctive architectural characteristics to the exterior.

Ruskin manufacturers a wide range of Sun Control Systems for new and existing construction.  Designers may select from a variety of system components to optimize the desired shading and visual effect on the structure.

Since every project is unique, Ruskin Sun Control Systems are designed and fabricated to the specific size and configuration requirements of the project.

Ruskin Sunshades offer energy savings by reducing solar heat gained through glazing.  With a wide variety of available blade styles and configurations, they also provide aesthetic appeal to the building exterior.  Ruskin Sunshade models include airfoil, louver, tube and eggcrate blade styles.

Custom Sunshade designs are also available.  Ruskin Sunshades are constructed of extruded and/or formed aluminum components for reduced weight and excellent corrosion resistance.  All models are available with a variety of Kynar or Anodize finishes.

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Ruskin Mechanical Equipment Screening

Roof Equipment Screens are vision barriers designed to hide mechanical equipment and other unsightly items.

Louvered equipment screens also reduce wind loading on structural framing and significantly enhance the architectural element to your building.

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Ruskin Authorized Representative

Specified Building Products Corporation is the Authorized New England Representative for Ruskin Louvers, Ruskin SunShades and Ruskin Equipment Screens in:

New York Connecticut New Jersey Massachusetts Rhode Island New Hampshire Maine Vermont

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